TAGat120ART Membership

20160219__AF10296 1TAGat120ART is an artist guild and gallery, dedicated to the professional promotion of regional art and the wholehearted pursuit of creative expression, in the local community and beyond. Both practicing artists and general supporters of the arts can enjoy the benefits of membership and the company and support of like-minded individuals.


    • Unlimited submission to Monthly Shows (subject to standard acceptance process)
    • Reduced Hanging Fees
    • Decreased Gallery Commission for Sales (30% kept instead of 40% for non-members)
    • Right to sell small works such as post cards, jewelry or small pottery objects
    • Featured Artist Display Privileges
    • Member Retreats
    • December Member Only Show
    • Sales Opportunities at Various Down Town Taylor Events
    • Commission on Sales at Gallery during Volunteer Shifts

Artist Membership

Artist memberships run calendar year January through December. New members joining on or after July 1st of the year will receive a 30% discount on the membership fee. Renewing members are responsible for renewing their membership between December 15th and January 15th. Members failing to renew by the 15th of January will be required to pay for a new membership.

You can also join in person at the gallery. Please bring this form in with your membership fees:

2018 Membership Application