Preparing Your Work For Display

When invited to hang or show work at 120Art you will need to follow the gallery guidelines for hanging work. Details are below. Failure may result in work not being displayed or in a preparation fee being assessed.


  • Arrive at the correct time & day of installation.
  • Arrive at the installation with your work ready to hang.
  • Use eyelet screws to attach the wire.
  • Have a check for the total hanging fee if any.
  • Label the back of your artwork with:
    • your name
    • your phone number and email
    • the title
    • the medium
    • the price
    • the entry date
  • Pickup your artwork at the appointed time.


  • Bring artwork that is not ready to hang.
  • Use saw-tooth hangers.
  • Attach the wire hanger using small nails or tacks.
  • Drop artwork off without submitting the proper paperwork.
  • Drop artwork off without having the gallery volunteer/staff member check it in.
  • Drop artwork off without paying appropriate hanging fees.
  • Forget to label your work appropriately.
  • Pickup artwork early.
  • Leave artwork past the scheduled pickup time.
Any pieces that are constructed of paper (including photo prints, collages, etc) and are framed need to be under either glass or acrylic.

Paintings that are on a stretcher of at least 1.5" should have the canvas sides painted. Only work on a smaller stretcher should be framed.

Hanging Fees


Please note: these fees only apply to non-juried shows. Juried shows have their own fee structure that is specified on their call for art.

Members: $5/piece or $12/3-pieces

Non-Member: $8/piece or $20/3-pieces

Hanging Fees

TAGat120Art Member artists in good standing can volunteer to docent in lieu of submission hanging fees. Sign up at the Gallery when dropping off artwork and/or contact Gallery manager.